Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Oh my I'm in a bad mood lately! Someone get me out of it pleaseeeee! Left uni early yesterday because I just couldn't tolerate the group project they had us doing. I had far better things to do - like going christmas shopping :-) Got Mumma Sunman, a lovely new christmas present, I saw it and couldn't resist, and a little something extra for the Mr too! I did also buy some stuff for my plastics project, so it wasn't all completely for myself :-P

Went to go see Paranormal Activity 2! Oh My!!! How did I manage to sleep! I'm not the biggest fan of horror films, even less of a fan of horror film sequels... but this had me absolutely terrified! It was genius!
paranormal activity 2
  Going to get cracking with the uni work, hopefully if I have a somewhat productive day, it might lure me out of my mood! :-)

Bye all!
Emma xoxo

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